What is the Varibike?

The Varibike is a new development in cycling technology where you can actually ‘cycle’ with hand cranks.

The Varibike can help boost your stamina, endurance, strength and coordination.

Developed in Germany, the Varibike has proven to be popular with athletes of all types, as well as cycling enthusiasts who want to take their training to the next level.

What’s so special about the Varibike?

The Varibike hand cranks are specially designed to be able to steer the bike but also provide an extra form of physical training for the rider.

The Varibike provides a total body workout which you don’t get from regular cycling and scientific research indicates 31% more power output!

Varibiking offers two versions of torso training: one for your arms and shoulders and the other for the lower back muscles.


The Varibike Range

Dave Cornthwaite – Adventurerdave-151x151

Fun and original, Varibike is the perfect way to get – and stay – in shape…

max-150x150Max Nagl – Runner Up World Champion in Motocross

I work out about 2 – 3 times per week on the motorbike. On average I Varibike 5 hours per week