About Outdoor Varibike UK

We are official distributors of the Varibike’s flagship bike the FR3 in the UK. It is one of the most advanced outdoor bicycles available on the market and offers a complete workout you don’t get from regular cycling.

The Varibike can be used by anyone but it is especially good for:


Cycling enthusiasts

Strengthening your core

Developing leg and arm muscle


Frank from Nauen

„ …Whenever I could choose between the racing bike and Varibike, I always chose Varibike. That is really saying a lot. At the same time: Varibiking is a whole new dimension of bicycling, is super fun and training for the whole body…“

Franz from Peiting

“The entire family without exception is excited about Varibike! For me, it is not only a sports machine but also a therapy machine for my back. When varibiking the whole body gets trained – and it is gentle to the back…”

Tamas from London/England

” … Varibike fits that bill superbly and I’ve been using it every day for the last year. I’ve really felt the difference and couldn’t live without it. I can say it was one of my best purchases ever and would thoroughly recommend it.”

Horst from Fürth-Wilhelmsdorf

” …Varibiking is in no way comparable to conventional biking! Fun and a change of pace are guaranteed through the different use of the arms and legs.

The Varibike is optimally designed for off-road use (away from street traffic). It is also so much fun again and again!!”

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Richard, 66 years young